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About The SchoolSri Raghavendra Vidyalaya

Sri Raghavendra Vidyalaya

Our school, Sri Rahavendra Vidyalaya has been founded and is established with the background of  the  Veda Mantra “Vidya Amrutham Ashnuthe” (from Yajur Veda) its means “Development of Knowledge is the base of external happiness”.

Sri Raghavendra Vidyalaya was born out of the vision of H.H. Srimad Raghavendra Theertha Swamiji of Kashimath Samsthan that children must have a modern education that is based on a strong foundation of Indian values and culture in a holistic ambience.  From Vedic times, renowned scholars and teachers have emerged from the gurukula system under the guidance of eminent gurus and acharyas. In the modern world, Swamiji felt that a school using the latest techniques of education that would also provide a firm spiritual and cultural foundation would be the best alternative to the ancient system of gurukula. The vidyalaya is an English Medium School following the CBSE syllabus. As the sole trustee of the Sri Sri Vyasa Raghavendra Charitable Trust, Swamiji wished Sri Raghavendra Vidyalaya to be one of the first projects to be undertaken by the trust and under his guidance the trust took up the challenge of build a world class institution that would introduce modern education in rural areas to enable
children who do not have opportunities for a good education and make them ready to meet the challenges of the 21 st century.


Message from Sree Raghavendra Thirtha Swamiji


” With meditation to Lord Sree Narayana and Veda Vyasa We bless all of you ”



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